TOP EXPERTISE, EXTENSIVE EQUIPMENT: Our machining department consists of highly skilled CNC operators within reparation, maintenance and newproduction of equipment for the oil and gas production. NWGs production management has an extensive pool of machinery, which contributes to the right quality, effective solutions and solid execution capabilities.

We specialise in time critical projects and have one of the highest capacities for repairs of well and drilling equipment among machining workshops in northern Europe.


EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE, FIRST CLASS EQUIPMENT: All of our welders have considerable experience of the weld cladding and stub welding of well and drilling equipment for offshore-related industries. We have approved welding procedures for various types of materials for a number of major players in the Norwegian petroleum industry, and we use Inconel cladding procedures for the most commonly used AISI materials. We have three CNC-controlled, completely automated TIG cladding units, heat-treatment equipment and furnaces.


When equipment fails, costs mount up quickly. NorthWellGefro offers rapid response and fast delivery of repairs and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Our expert technicians understand the importance of working hard to minimise expensive downtime. This ensures that our customers’ wealth-creating operations come back on line quickly, and also reduces their costs from keeping spare parts in stock. This is why North Well Gefro is recognised as a leading mechanical-engineering plant.


  • 7.5 metres below hook
  • Overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 32.000 kg. By co-lift, up to 64.000 kg.
  • Area for high-pressure water-jet cleaning
  • Inspection area


OPTIMUM RESOURCE UTILISATION: Logistics is all about service, quality and optimal utilisation of resources. NWG makes every effort to get as much as possible done as quickly as possible, in order to reduce internal and external lead times. This enables us to meet the customers’ needs for a rapid and secure delivery.

Our stringent requirements with regard to correct and efficient time utilisation come into play right from the first customer contact, and apply throughout the entire transport, production and installation chain until the product is completed. We have efficient systems in place, which save time in the exchanges between the various working operations, where we map the flow between the various links in the chain and ensure the necessary follow-up in terms of certification and documentation. We have set up an integrated and simplified system, which accelerates the flow of goods in the company and ensures a steady workflow, quality and flexibility throughout the process. We also place great importance on reliability of delivery, and pay close attention to important details such as the quality of the packaging right up to the point of delivery.

NWG always strives for continuous communication, precise information and qualitative documentation during all steps and phases of the project.

Our top modern machines are fully equipped for all types of work, and ensures that we are very flexible, versatile and open to all types of assignments. The Schiess we have in our workshop is one of few in Norway that can process parts up to 15 meters. And with 48,000 budgeted hours of work in 2015, you can be assured that the job gets done, and that we have the crew as needed at any time.

MAZAK Intergrex i 400 S X2

swing 658mm

length 1585mm Zaxis, 250mm Yaxis

spindle bore 112mm

effect/power 30kW

axis 5

tool magasin 36

control Mazatrol Matrix

MAZAK Integrex e-500 H II

swing 820mm

length 3022mm Zaxis, 500mm yaxis

spindle bore 140mm

effect/power 30kW

axis 5

tool magasin 80

control Mazatrol Matrix

other Long boring bar

Schiess Froriep 1FB 180

x axis 15500mm

y axis 3000mm

z axis 950mm

b axis/power Rotary table 3000mm x 3000mm

w axis 900mm

effect/power 85kW

max load 50 000kg

control Heidenhain TNC530

tool magasin 60 tools


x axis 4000mm

y axis 2500mm

z axis 2000mm

w axis 700mm

effect/power 30kW

max load 15 000kg

control CNC control Heidenhain i530

spindelkon ISO 50



max diameter 1000mm

max height 3300mm

max welding length 2000mm

max weight steel plate unlimited

MAZAK Quik-Turn Nexus 400-II M

swing 845mm

length 2075mm Zaxis

spindle bore 132mm

effect/power 30kW

axis 3

tool magasin 12

control Mazatrol Matrix Nexus

MAZAK Intergrex 70YB x2

swing 685 (915)mm

length 3800mm

effect/power 45kW

max load 8000kg

axis B

control Mazatrol 640 MT controller

tool magasin 120 tools

Sasta 1H983 x2

swing 800mm

length 800mm

spindle 320mm

effect/power 30kW

max load 4000kg

1 x control Sinumerik 820T GA3

1 x control Sinumerik 828


swing ø over bed 1030mm

swing ø over cross slide 800mm

max. turned diameter 950mm

max. turning length 3000mm

spindel bore 320

effect/power 45kW

tools 12 BMT



max diameter 1200mm

max welding length vert. 2000mm

max welding length hor. 2000mm

max weight steel plate unlimited

max weight manipulator table 4 tons

max length manipulator table 30m


swing 590 (610)mm

length 1500mm

spindle bore 80mm

effect/power 30kW

max load 1000kg

axis B

control Mazatrol 650 controller

tool magasin 40 tools

Weiler E110

swing 730 (1100)mm

length 5700mm

spindle 362mm

spindle bore dia 362mm

effect/power 45kW

max load 7000kg

axis C

control Sinumerik 810D controller

!!Long boring bars up to Dia 150 mm!!

Pre-heat and oven



6-way preheat transformer 50kwa

Preheat-belts 12-way glow transformer 100kwa

Glow belts


1,2m x 1,2m


Max 1 ton


3.8 manual equipment


1pc kemppi 180h2p minarc tig

1pc kemppi ac/dc 3500 master tig

1pc kemppi mls 2500/10 master tig

2pcs kemppi 530/evolution/30 pro mig

1pc kemppi 530/evolution/30/410 pro mig

1pc manipulator table 500 kg max

1pc manipulator table  2500 kg max

1pc roll set max 5 tons

TIG Column 4 twin arc

TIG COLUMN no:4 Twin Arc

PEC fully automated TIG cladding unit CNC controlled;can weld oval, rectangular etc.

Hot and cold wire process Rotating head and weave configuration

No setup time No weight limitation, vertical rotating head OD

ID up to 1000mm vertical rotating head OD

ID unlimited horizontal

max diameter 800mm

max height 3300mm

max welding length vert. 2000mm

max weight steel plate unlimited